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For more than 25 years, 24-7 Steller Packing has been one of the leading providers of contract packing for businesses of all sizes across varying industries. Our production lines are built for speed and versatility, making it possible for us to pack any product, no matter the size and packaging.

We take pride in our ability to recreate our client's perfect look and feel of their products. We use our extensive knowledge and support to meet their deadlines with accuracy.

Our contract packing solutions have earned the trust of hundreds of businesses nationwide, and for good reason. We offer reliable, high-quality services tailored to meet specific needs, whether you're a new business looking to establish yourself, an SME seeking to optimise your operations, or a multinational corporation with complex, high-volume demands.

With 24-7 Steller Packing, you can be confident that your product will be curated with care and precision, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

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Attentive Customer Service
Our experienced and professional team handles any questions.
BRCGS Certified
Our latest AA rating highlights Steller's drive for excellence.
Dedicated and Experienced
Throughout 24-7 Steller Packing, from our warehouse team to our production team. Our experience and dedication to meeting our client's needs are unmatched.
Quality Assurance
Our specially trained quality control team ensure all finished products meet our client's standards.
Storage Capabilities
We have over 50,000 sq. ft of storage space and 3000+ Racking spaces.
Production Line
We have 6+ assembly line rooms with movable production lines ready to pack any size job.

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what is contract packing?

Contract packing is the process of a business outsourcing its packing solutions to an external company.

Being an additional process in the supply chain of manufacturing to the client, even though this is another step, it is a cost-effective way of packing products for distribution.

These services mean the overall manufacturing costs are lower, instead of a company paying to implement the infrastructure to achieve their desired results. A contract packing company has the needed infrastructure in place, and we have the capabilities to cater to growth in demand for products, adjusting assembly lines accordingly.

24-7 Steller Packing, as a contract packer, will receive your items and the product packaging. Our dedicated production team will package products into the correct location, displaying and securing them in a sealed package.

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what are the benefits of contract packing?

Co-packing solutions can not only help a business by being a cost-effective way of producing their product. Our 25 years of experience as a leading co-packing provider means we can provide beneficial infrastructure. We also offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This experience can help us guide clients regarding how we offer the best value without conceding on quality. As for us, producing high-quality goods that mirror our client's needs is our greatest priority.

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Another benefit is the strength of our teams. With our partnership with 24-7 Employment Solutions Limited, we can provide as many individuals as needed to complete a job, providing up to 200 associates. This flexibility means we can offer a large enough team to ensure job completion for our clients.

All while being supported by our warehouse capabilities. We can house resources in dedicated locations on-site for easy access. Our warehouse can store variations of products for a client, such as seasonal items and best-before dates. Our warehouse will efficiently house items.

why choose 24-7 steller packing?

Not only do we provide industry-leading quality and service, but we are an open and transparent business that prides itself on our ability to provide an honest and reliable service. Focusing on our client's needs first, ensuring they are happy with our service throughout their journey with us.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in co-packing, coupled with our infrastructure, ensures a brilliant finish regardless of the product and industry.

If our services and expertise interest you and your business. Look to us for becoming your new packing partner, and let us help grow your business and output.

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