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ink jetting & batch coding

With regulations and the different shelf lives for products, flexible ink jetting and batch coding are vital services we offer our clients. These printing processes allow us to ensure our client's products display the correct information that conforms with UK standards, protecting individuals from distributing incorrect items.

Ensuring the customer receives high-quality products requires including ink-jetted information. Allowing the customer to be informed when is the optimal time to use the product.

Clients may have items with varying best-before dates but would like all their units packed in one job. With our inkjet machine, we can print multiple BBDs across multiple products. Tracking each product and code guarantees the correct date is not only on the right product but the appropriate variation is sent on the desired courier.

Not only is our batch coding machine able to produce best-before dates. We also can create a wide range of printing needs, such as a Julian date code, lot number, expiry dates, serial numbers, batch numbers, multipack statements or storage instructions. These identifying features allow our client's consumers to receive all appropriate information before usage. It also allows us to create conforming information for regulatory purposes.

ink jetting & batch coding side of package ink jetting & batch coding side of package ink jetting & batch coding side of package

what is a batch code?


A batch code is the reference number for identifying individual products from mass-manufactured products, sometimes known as a lot code, number, and code number. These are not only regulatory but vital for ensuring the safety of a product to the public. If an issue with a product becomes visible after purchase, recalling these products is made easier as batch codes can help narrow the search for faulty items.

Not only do they identify the individual product in its mass production, but printing batch codes also highlight the date and time of manufacturing. Another identifier for helping conclude potential issues surrounding manufacturing.

what does a inkjet do?

Inkjet technology is the process of ink droplets precisely placed onto a desired product. Our inkjet prints a code or number that's applied to our printing machine, and as the desired item passes through, droplets are released, adding the code with the desired effect.

When storing wrapped products, they must be kept out of direct sunlight and out of contact with other elements. With our warehouse capabilities, we can guarantee that we can house your products securely, protecting your products from weathering.


This process allows us to place the necessary information onto the packaging before it enters the production line for packing. Ink jet printers are designed as an effective and efficient way of ensuring regulatory information is visible on the packaging. These prints are easy to read, and we can print as quickly as we can load the machine.


We guarantee the high print quality of the code through our application of timing the release of droplets to the speed of the conveyor belt. These speeds have been pre-calculated to match each other precisely. Ensuring the code displays the correct information in a clear and easy-to-read style.

ink jetting & batch coding can ink jetting & batch coding can ink jetting & batch coding can

where are ink jetting & batch codes placed?


This decision is pre-made by the client. The client will leave a white space on the packaging of their choice. The white space has to be large enough to fit all the desired printed information.

We align our machine with the item, and as the packaging or product passes through the inkjet machine, the code prints within the chosen space.

Using our transparent communication with a client, we will check and confirm that they are satisfied with the location. Providing assurances that we are replicating our client's desired look and feel for their product.

ink jetting & batch coding can - different angle ink jetting & batch coding can - different angle ink jetting & batch coding can - different angle

what products can we inkjet

Throughout our 25 years of operating, we have provided ink-jetting services for multiple businesses across multiple sectors.

A few examples of the types of products we have ink-jetted include:

  • Beer cases
  • Beauty products
  • Pre-packaged foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Canned goods
  • Fragrances
  • As shown in the list provided, we can inkjet most products for a wide variety of industries requiring specific information displayed.

    cost of ink jetting & batch coding

    At 24-7 Steller Packing, we offer a bespoke service to each client using our services. We are unable to guarantee a fixed price because of our bespoke capabilities. The price will vary depending on the size and amount of coding required, alongside the steps needed to add the ink to the product.

    For example, if a batch code is required on one side and a best-before date on the other. This means the product needs to pass through two separate ink-jetting machines, causing an increase in the final price.

    If you have an enquiry regarding the price of an ink-jetting job, please call our team at 01892 837847. Provide us with details about the job, and we will do our best to provide the most accurate costing possible.


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