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remedial work and corrective work

During the process of mass manufacturing products, things can go wrong. A packer may have told a business they can provide all their packing needs to a high quality, but unfortunately, they can not deliver. There have been items packed incorrectly, labelled improperly, or a brand's desired look for packing hasn't been met. Look to 24-7 Steller Packing to remove this headache and rectify what has gone wrong with our remedial work.

With our 25 years of contract packing experience, we have always offered remedial repairs as a service. Our knowledge and packing experience allow us to guarantee that this headache will not occur for them again. Putting their needs and wants at the front of our priorities, offering actionable solutions to rectify any wrongdoings.

Remedial work is a vital service which we offer our clients. This service allows us to demonstrate our capabilities and why we are a leading co-packer within the packing industry, recreating our client's style in an efficient and quality way.

Remedial work - box to pallet Remedial work - box to pallet Remedial work - box to pallet

what is remedial work?


Remedial work is the procedure of fixing something that has either been done incorrectly or broken. At 24-7 Steller Packing, this rework is a service for rectifying incorrectly packed products. Needs for corrective work could be because of the wrong item in the incorrect packaging, the label displaying inaccurate information, the wrong batch code on the product, or anything else that is not what the client has asked for.

Remedial repair is a vital service which repairs a fault but also means a client's product is up to the standard it should be.


With our 25 years of experience offering remedial work, we have come across every incorrect packing of products, rectifying them to meet our client's wants. We have provided these services for multiple industries and their products.

Industries including:

  • Beauty
  • Personal hygiene
  • Beverages
  • Clothing Apparel
  • Games
  • Homeware

    Are you a business that has unfortunately experienced incorrect packing and would like the job completed to the highest standard? Then please get in contact at 01892 837847.

    what are the benefits of remedial work?

    With remedial repair work, the main benefit is the completion of a product to the desired standard of a client. It can be a headache when discussions, alignments and finalisations have taken place, and the result is a product that is not up to standard or displays incorrect information.

    Our dedicated and experienced team members will diligently go through all of the steps of correcting an issue, using transparent communication and photos to guarantee that when the product enters the assembly, the client is happy with the finished results. Then, communicating this information physically and verbally, demonstrating to our production team leaders what is required.


    Not only will we be able to rectify the current issue, but as each product passes through the line, it will receive our thorough quality control. We guarantee this quality control via our experienced QC and line team members. We can pick up on any previously missed errors, providing additional security that products are up to the standard our client expects. Learn more about our quality control capabilities here.

    Remedial work - checking work Remedial work - checking work Remedial work - checking work

    what are the costs of remedial work?


    As with all services at 24-7 Steller Packing, we can not provide a fixed rate for a service. The final price agreed upon will come down to varying factors.


    The most prominent reason is the time taken to complete a job. If there are more steps required to complete, and these steps are highly intricate, the longer the rectifying will take. This intricacy will then raise the total cost of the price per unit.

    Our minimum order for a job is £500. Our minimum order is in place due to set-up costs and having individuals on the line.

    If a potential client believes their job might fall under this minimum order. We recommend they contact us, and we will provide a quote. Helping supply the best solutions to ensure corrective work can take place. Call us at 01892 837847 or email at


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