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quality control and quality assurance

As a company, we are passionate about creating the perfect look and feel for our client's brand. We can achieve the look and feel our clients want by using experienced members for packing and our quality control team.

That is why quality assurance processes are used throughout their journey with us, supported by our highly experienced team members who guarantee that everyone knows the set-up and standards for each job.  

Providing these quality checks regularly and consistently allows 24-7 Steller Packing to guarantee that our client's products are packed to the highest standard possible and meet specific targets.

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what is quality control?


Quality control is a set of procedures and environments included by a business to provide guarantees for clients that the handling of their products is done with proper care. These guarantees are provided by setting up a team whose sole responsibility is to provide regular checks from the production line to transport.

It does not just mean the handling of manufactured products. Assurance and quality control checks happen internally as well. Inspecting that individuals maintain proper conduct regarding safety and best practices on personal levels, reducing risks such as contamination.

what do we check during the inspection?

Checking each stage of the product's packing is an essential tool, allowing for consistency and high standards throughout the production process.

Our quality inspectors will actively pull products out randomly to check the quality of the packaging and their products. They will check for damage, faults, and other imperfections, guaranteeing nothing is missed or causing a knock-on effect due to errors.

Not only checking the quality of the product but also checking the products involved are correct. Each job might have subtle differences in the product or package. For example, variations such as colour, language, or flavour, having a dedicated team to check all aspects ensures everything is correct. Our team members are briefed with each job, guaranteeing everybody knows what is needed to complete each task.

quality control process - checking pallet closer quality control process - checking pallet closer quality control process - checking pallet closer

why is quality assurance so important?


Without a dedicated team that prioritises these checks, it is easy for complacency to fall in, which will have a detrimental knock-on effect throughout the business. Without these processes, individuals may pack incorrectly or not provide the proper care each product needs.

Implementing this attitude throughout the business means others not part of the QC inspection team remain vigilant. They will pick up on issues before the QC team's product inspection. Helping reduce the cost of wastage and faults, as this behaviour reduces the chance of mistakes happening, saving money for the client and us as a business.

Not only does this maintain standards within the business, but it also provides guarantees for clients that show we are a business that cares. We do all we can to ensure quality finishing for each customer involved.

Quality control - common issues Quality control - common issues Quality control - common issues

the most common quality control issues

In any business that handles goods, damages and rejects are inevitable. These can happen because of multiple and unexpected reasons, which are unfortunate and frustrating. With our 25 years of experience, some are more common.

Issues such as:

  • Damaged in transport
  • Accidental spillages/breakages
  • Incorrect items added
  • Products not up to the standard clients want

  • At 24-7 Steller Packing, we track reasons for damaged goods and place procedures that can help minimise these issues, changing processes' of how we remove products from their pallet or change transport companies completely. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best standards in practice in the packing industry.


    faulty goods & damaged products


    As mentioned previously, damages and rejects can happen in a business. But what are the processes in place to deal with these items?

    Firstly, and most importantly, we contact the client by providing images to update them regarding the damage or issue with the product. Transparency between the two parties not only adds trust but shows our dedication to achieving the best for our clients.

    Here, a conversation will take place, and the final decision will always be with the client. The outcome could be either the fault or damage is not significant or clear enough to be disposed of, or the product is and will need discarding.

    If the product does need discarding, we will deal with this from our end. We will either recycle the product (if possible) or add it to general waste.

    For our internal usage, we note what has been disposed of to control stock levels and provide transparency for our clients. We can also send proof of destruction for our clients upon their request.


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