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shrink wrapping and shrinkage packaging

A popular and cost-effective packing method we offer here at 24-7 Steller Packing is our shrink wrapping. We can neatly present your product in uniform and practical protective packaging.

With our shrink wrap machine, we can produce a high volume of wrapped products (product-dependent), allowing us to provide a large output of our customer's products. This large output not only means we can keep up with our client's demands, but we can adjust and change the product quickly if they have variations they would like packed.

Due to the automation of our shrinkage packaging, we can provide uniform products that consistently meet the requirements of our client's brand. We can guarantee that all customers receiving a product will have the same consistency for all units.

shrink wrapping pressurised cans shrink wrapping pressurised cans shrink wrapping pressurised cans

what is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is the process of a plastic film wrapped around a product. Once the film's placed onto the product, heat is applied evenly through a quick period in a heat tunnel, making the film shrink around the product. Neatly and tightly covering the product in the desired film displaying branding or promotion required for a product.

At 24-7 Steller Packing, we use the process of steam for our heat shrink wrap. Steam allows us to protect client's products compared to dry heat, which could potentially damage items. Steam machine wrapping allows us to guarantee that our client's print will remain to a high standard, never losing its vibrance or the clarity of fonts.

Using steam guarantees a more uniform and precise finish, unlike dry heat, which can damage the outer sleeve. Steam wrapping provides a more consistent heat transfer to the product and will produce a cleaner finish. The sleeve will fit more tightly to the product, last longer than dry heat shrink film and maintain the colouration of the packaging. Steam allows us to offer a wrapping service for flammable and pressurised products safely.

shrink wrapping moisturiser shrink wrapping moisturiser shrink wrapping moisturiser

how long does shrink wrap last?

When it comes to the life expectancy of shrink wrap, multiple reasons could affect the longevity of the shrink wrap's integrity. For example, when stored correctly, shrink wrap should last for over 12 months.

When storing wrapped products, they must be kept out of direct sunlight and out of contact with other elements. With our warehouse capabilities, we can guarantee that we can house your products securely, protecting your products from weathering.

We can not provide this guarantee once the product has left our warehouse. When passed on to a third party, and they improperly handle or store a client's product, shrink wrapping may only last 30 days. The plastic may break down and could require repacking.

shrink wrapping perfume box shrink wrapping perfume box shrink wrapping perfume box

cost of shrink wrapping

Depending on any job size and requirements, pricing may vary. Pricing may change due to varying reasons ranging from how bespoke the product is to how long each item takes to produce.

The total price will depend on the speed of film placement, passing through the shrink wrap machine and then placed onto the pallet. This price may vary depending on the complexity of each job. There will never be hidden fees regarding management and storage.

Shrink wrapping perfume box floating Shrink wrapping perfume box floating Shrink wrapping perfume box floating

what products can be shrink wrapped?

With our film wrapping capabilities, we have great flexibility regarding what we can wrap. As mentioned previously, because of our use of steam, we can safely wrap high-pressurised and flammable items, such as deodorant cans. We also provide our services for a variety of other products.

Products include:

  • CD and disk cases
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Healthcare products
  • what are the shrink wrap limits?

    With any form of machine manufacturing, each machine has its limitations. The same applies to our steam wrapping machine. The largest we can shrink wrap is 150mm wide x 330mm high.

    We can wrap products that are average to the size of a medium-sized cereal box. Anything over, and we risk packing our client's products improperly.


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