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hand assembly for your products?

Throughout our 25 years of growth and development as a business, our foundation has always been the bespoke hand assembly service of products for client's. Hand packed products have been our longest-running service, the service with our most extensive knowledge and expertise.

Replicating our client's desired look and feel through purposefully placed products arranged in a precise and purposeful style. Hand assembly is an excellent way to recreate a brand's desired look. It is also a brilliant way to guarantee products are up to standard throughout the production line.

Our production team consists of an average of 150 people a day. The majority have years of experience in the hand packing service industry.

Our account management team inform the production of our client's wishes through confirmed paperwork directly from the client. They then diligently and efficiently pack products, meeting deadlines and achieving deliverables.

hand assembly production line hand assembly production line hand assembly production line

what is hand assembly?

Hand assembly is the process of individuals' hand placing products into a designated space within the packaging. Manually assuring each task is completed throughout production to achieve the desired outcome. Steps include shaping the packaging, inserting the products, sealing, and finally, onto pallets ready for transfer.

This packing style is also a great feature if varying jobs require bespoke features to each unit. This flexibility allows us to quickly adjust the production line to implement varying products without setting up machinery. Without these restrictions, we can pack units at a continuous speed.

what are the advantages of hand assembly?

There are many advantages of using hand assembly for packing products. Hand assembly allows for bespoke services right across the production line.

Speed and set-up time are unchallenging as you bring the components in. Assembly can begin instantly, removing the need to wait to set up machinery.


Quality control. As each product moves down the line, 5 to 15 individuals can come into contact with a product. Our production team's attention to detail means the quality of the final results remains consistent throughout a client's journey with 24-7 Steller Packing.


No machine limitations. The freedom hand assembly offers means we can pack products for most industries. We are not constricted by what a machine can and cannot do.


Overview of advantages include:

  • Bespoke services
  • Efficiency
  • Quality control
  • No machine limitations

  • This fluidity and inspection allow hand assembly to remain superior for clients who care about the final result of the product. Combined with our experience and expertise, we can provide security for our clients and their products.


    hand assembly relabelling line hand assembly relabelling line hand assembly relabelling line

    our hand packing capabilities

    At 24-7 Steller Packing, we have 15 dedicated hand assembly lines ready when needed to have products added for packing. With our long-standing partnership with 24-7 Employment Solutions. We can fill our production lines with as many team members as necessary to complete a job. Some jobs exceed 300 team members in our lines in one day.

    hand assembly packed gift box hand assembly packed gift box hand assembly packed gift box

    what type of products can be hand packed?

    As previously mentioned in the 'advantages of hand assembly'. With 24-7 Steller Packing having no machine limitations, we can pack most products for a wide variety of industries.

    Industries we pack items include:

  • Beverages
  • Packaged foods
  • Games
  • Homeware
  • Single Serve Sachets
  • Beauty and Subscription boxes
  • Home Cleaning
  • Healthcare/Wellbeing/Fitness
  • Pet Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gift Boxes
  • If your business provides products for these industries, please call us at 01892 837847. Our team will help guide you into receiving high-quality contract packing.

    hand assembly floating package hand assembly floating package hand assembly floating package

    the cost of hand assembly

    The cost of our services varies depending on the level of customisation required and the steps involved in completing each job. We have a minimum spend of £500 for each job. We chose the minimum spend because of the set-up time of a line and the need for individuals in the production line.

    The price change will come down to the complexity of each job. Time taken for shaping packaging, adding all parts in the desired location, and including additional decoration. Additional decoration can include adding a ribbon or placing a protective cover at the end of production.

    We strive as a company to offer the best and most competitive price for each business involved with us. Providing high-quality packing and services in a cost-effective manner that will help grow a business.


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