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flow wrapping products
(horizontal bagging)

Another service we offer our clients is flow wrapping. We can display products, promotions, and samples in heat-sealed plastic wrapping. Ready to be inserted in magazines, handed out for events, or just a quick, cost-effective way to house your products.

Our flow wrap machine can wrap up to 120 packages per minute. This high-speed flow means 24-7 Steller Packing can wrap up to 7,200 products an hour.

The total output will change depending on the size of the product. The larger the product is, the less we can place on the machine, which reduces our total output. More compact products can achieve higher speeds of total output.

With products we can wrap, there are no specific products we can not pack. Our limitation is the product's dimensions.

For example, our max width is 200mm, and our max height is up to 120mm. These sizes are still capable of packing the majority of products. So we can wrap a wide range of products.

flow wrapping of promotion pack flow wrapping of promotion pack flow wrapping of promotion pack

what is flow wrapping?


Flow wrapping is a packing process which seals products in an oriented polypropylene film.

The forming box aligns the product to ensure a uniform finish of products across the board. Then, the fin seal roller seals the longitudinal packaging of the film, sealing across the product.


Finally, the package will reach the end sealing section of the horizontal flow wrapper. Here, the film will be secured and cut on both ends, separating each product from the next.

Once the product has made its way through the flow wrapping machine, dispensing the item at the end. From here, we will have team members placing the finished product straight onto a pallet or straight into a box for filling.

what are the benefits of flow wrapping?

Our flow wrapping services are an excellent packing style for a variety of products with many benefits. Firstly, an obvious benefit is the presentation and protective qualities of the packaging. A flow-wrapped package will neatly present logos and other vital information a client wants visible to their customers, providing clear brand visibility.

The oriented polypropylene film offers strength and integrity to the packing of a product. Guaranteeing the encased product will be protected for a long time, as oriented polypropylene film provides a long shelf life. This more rigid and robust packing style offers greater security for a product than some packing processes.


Another benefit of the applications of flow wrapping is the positive sustainability elements. We can offer our clients recycled and recyclable flow wrapping materials. The film is either made from recycled products or is recyclable after use, allowing us to provide our clients with a packing service that aligns with their sustainability efforts.


Not only improving our sustainability efforts but also for our clients to provide sustainable options to their customers. Flow wrapping also reduces material wastage. We can reduce waste because the entire role of film is purposefully used, not wasting any material.


The final benefit of our flow wrapping is its high speed of production. Depending on the size of the product, we can manufacture up to 120 units per minute. This fastness allows us to mass pack for our clients efficiently and cost-effectively, reducing costs due to fewer people required for operating and packing.


Overview of flow wrapping benefits include:

  • Presentation of products
  • Strength and integrity of the film / pilfer proof
  • Sustainable materials
  • Efficient packing style

  • flow wrapping of promotional lolly pack flow wrapping of promotional lolly pack flow wrapping of promotional lolly pack

    the cost of flow-wrapping products


    Like all services we provide at 24-7 Steller Packing, pricing varies depending on multiple factors. Price will vary regarding how long each product takes to pack/wrap. The more intricate a product and the longer it takes will affect the price.


    With flow wrapping, the price will be more consistent as fewer people will be required to operate and fill the machinery. The main reason for variations will be the amount of film needed to wrap. If a lot of film is required, the price increases and less film will be cheaper. Also, our output of the completed products, if less fit on the machine and it will take more time, the price will increase.

    Our minimum job order remains the same regardless of the service, with the minimum being no less than £500.


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