Quality Assurance

Quality does not happen by accident. Quality assurance is not a check box to tick on a packing job sheet. Quality contract packing is planned, assured, controlled and constantly improved. Discover how we manage our co-packing quality, by design. Discover how we pack quality in everything we do.

We are serious about quality contract packing

24-7 Steller Packing’s dedicated Quality Assurance Department are serious about quality. 24-7 Steller Packing is First for Contract Packing because of our quality systems management.

Looking to the future

Quality Assurance

Quality management ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent. It has four main components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement.

Planning for quality

24-7 Steller Packing commit to quality, in everything we do. We don’t just rely on over twenty years of contract packing experience. In fact our experience has shaped our quality planning. By learning from past mistakes we can plan to not let them happen again. Quality planning is in our DNA.

Accredited with the ISO22000 and BRC (Storage & Distribution), we are determined to lead the way in co-packing quality. We plan for it.

Quality assurance

Never standing still, our dedication to quality assured co-packing is steadfast. Affirmed by our ISO certifications, such as the ISO 22000, food safety system. Our warehousing, processes and documentation are continually audited.

Our customers can turn to us with confidence. We actively prevent mistakes or defects when co-packing their products. We avoid problems when delivering our contract packing services.

Quality control

By quality checking our packing service to the customers specification, we can tailor the frequency of the checks to exactly meet their needs.

Each job that comes in is assigned its own personal Account Project Manager, charged within the task of keeping our customers involved from start to finish. From the initial receipt of product, through production to the final release. Our customers know at every stage of the process their quality needs are met.

Improving Quality

We know there is always room for improvement. We refine our processes and documentation continuously. By iterating constantly, we ensure our quality management is always state-of-the-art.

This dedication helps us reduce down-time, reworking or remedial work. Which helps keep our costs affordable. At the same time it gives our customers one hundred percent confidence. Every step of our contract packing process is documented. Every contract packing job, big or small is quality managed and assured.

Call or contact 24-7 Steller Packing today to learn more about our quality assured contract packing. We always make time to talk about quality.