Ringing in the changes 

Why is it that even with incredible advances in robotics, the human hand is hard to beat? For many packing jobs, you still can’t better a human. An experienced packer with an expert eye and good dexterity, is often the best contract packing solution.

Hand packing and hand assembly is often the best contract packing solution. A human’s unique combination of talents is difficult to programme. They don’t break down. Their skills and talents not only make them efficient packers, but they have something that even R2D2 would find hard to match; common sense!

A trained and experienced hand packer is always able to look at the big picture, whilst keeping a careful eye on the details. Are the labels aligned? Is the barcode present? Is there a chip in the glass?

We are proud of our hand packing team. Trained to work quickly and efficiently, their experience helps the work go to plan. On time and on schedule, every time. Working to our exacting standards and to our quality management system. We are proud of our packers, they wow us, without fail.

Best handled by hand

What packing jobs are best done by hand?

Often fragile or delicate packing work is a job for the hand assembly team. Awkward shaped products or limited edition gift packs are best handled by hand.

Hand assembly transforms customer products into finished goods. Breakable products need to be handled with care. Designer sunglasses or luxury cosmetics need to placed and packed carefully. The careful placement is inherent in creating a package that will delight the end consumer.

Gift set packing is normally best done by hand. A good team of hand packers will create a finished gift set line, quickly and with no fuss.

When you don’t want a packing drama, do it by hand.

Advantages of hand assembly

There is less chance of a machine break down. A long complicated packing line can be brought to a halt unexpectedly. One faulty cog, can bring the conveyor to a stop. When it’s vital that your products are ready for a certain date, trust a human. Our flexible staff are happy to pull out all the stops to meet packing deadlines.

Hand packed with a ‘wow’.

A customer’s first experience of the goods is when she picks the box up. When she opens it, if the product is nestled comfortably and correctly, it will evoke a positive emotional response. This sometimes transcends even the product. Elegant packaging is ruined by thoughtless packing.

Packaging not only protects the product, but is an important aesthetic. It not only helps shift boxes on retail shelves, it is important that the customer opens their box with a smile and a gasp of approval. Our hand-picked hand packers make this a reality.

Our hand packers know how to pack with a ‘wow’ factor. Try programming a computer to do the same.

Need a hand with your packing?

If you need some first-class hand packing contact 24-7 Steller Packing. We are happy to help your packaging dreams become a reality. Our friendly team will help you create ‘Wow’ class packaging. We offer full traceability at every stage; from arrival, storage, packing and distribution. Call or contact us to learn more.

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