Hand Packing Services London

The way your product arrives with your customer is one of the most important WOW moments you can create, it is not simply about a mechanism to transport it from A to B securely and without damage. The packaging of your product, and just as critically, HOW it is packed can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and retention – put simply, a great buying experience is a positive memory.

You can probably remember a particular item that you have unwrapped that was well packed – the attention to detail, the clever and luxurious way it is packed – all of which enhances our connection with the brand and evokes the ‘warm glow’ that makes us feel special. To create this personal touch doesn’t need to be costly, it may involve detailed hand assembly, hand folding, hand gluing and precision labelling, all of which can be done without expensive automation or costly tooling.

At times of celebration or special events throughout the year, you may want to offer something a little out of the ordinary; goody bags, hampers, gift sets, gift baskets – most of these can’t be packed by machines but can be produced with hand packing. It’s also perfect for delicate items, large items, oddly shaped objects, bespoke items or even limited edition products. We hand pack hundreds of thousands of different products and the utmost attention to detail is taken to ensure that every product is packed to your requirements and thoroughly checked before distribution.

Finally don’t forget the outer, to increase brand awareness you can use logo stickers, include branded tissue paper, ribbon or tape to create a feeling of receiving something special.

To talk to our team about our bespoke added-value services, gift packing and hand assembly call 01892 837847 or Email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk


Hand Packing Services London

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24-7 Steller Packing is a leading contract packing company based in Kent, in South-East England with easy access to motorways, ports, air and rail networks.

With over 25 years’ experience in co-packing, 24-7 Steller Packing is proud to be a BRC Global Standard Grade A accredited contract packer. Our services include:

  • Gift Sets & Hand Assembly
  • Precision Labelling & Over Labelling
  • QC Inspection & Remedial Work
  • Shrink Wrapping & Sleeving
  • Ink Jetting & Batch Coding

To talk to our team call 01892 837847 or Email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk

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