So how do you find the best co-packer?

Finding the best co-packer for your product might seem hard. You want a co-packing company that fits your exact requirements. Someone who understands your market, your particular needs and wants. One that knows how to co-pack your product.

There may be no simple answer. There is no single, one-size-fits-all checklist to find the right contract packing company for you. But here are some questions that you can ask, to help find your best co-packer. A way of collating your needs. To help define your requirements, in order that you can find a packer to fulfill them, to your satisfaction.

How do you define “best”?

1. What makes the ‘best’ co-packer?

How do you define “best”? Is this defined by cost, quality or speed? Is security, non-disclosure, or friendly staff, the most important thing for your co-packing requirements? Is it a combination of factors?

define: best.
adjective 1. of the most excellent or desirable type or quality.

It may help to make a list. What are your must haves in a co-packer? What, above all else is crucial?

2. Proximity

How important is their location? If proximity is a major factor for your product. Then search locally. Look for co-packers in London, or Kent, or whatever area you need. This will instantly narrow down your choice.

3. Do you have specific wrapping or packing requirements?

Does your product need Shrink Wrapping, Flow wrapping or Vacuum Packing? Your specific wrapping and packing requirements will help dictate your choice of contract packer. Sure, they could sub-contract this work. Normally it is best to have your product co-packed in one location. This reduces potential logistical problems.

4. Do you have to meet particular quality standards?

If your food product needs to meet ISO 2200, then you will need a company with this certification. You know your product. But will your contract packer plan, assure and control your product packing quality? Do they um and ah when you mention “quality assurance“?

5. How easy, enthusiastic and expert are they?

The best co-packers are friendly, helpful, and expert. They need to be good listeners and enthusiastic about their work. They get extra ‘Brownie points’ for offering innovative ways to help improve your product packaging.

6. Will they handle your needs if you need to ramp up production?

What would happen if your product was hugely successful? What contingency plans could the co-packer offer? Could they meet a much higher production rate?

7. Do you need labelling or packaging design?

Maybe your ideal contract packer needs to be able to design your labels or packaging too? Branding your wrapping or packing to meet your needs might be essential. Not every co-packer has an in-house design team.

8. Do you need day codes or bar codes?

Some co-packers have a labelling team, which will give you full product traceability. If you need this, then you need a packer who provides a labelling service also.

9. Do you have any specific requirements?

You may have a specific co-packing need. It could be pick and pack, remedial work, specific storage rules, or logistics procurement. All these needs will warrant that you look for a company who is happy to provide these services for you.

10. What does your gut say?

Often your body knows better than your mind. Even if they have ticked all the right boxes in your brain. If your gut is telling you a different story, you should listen. Maybe you are picking up on subconscious messages that your brain is trying to ignore. Trust your instincts. Above all else go with your gut.


There is no ‘best’ co-packing company. Contract packing is such a varied service. No single company can please all. Some co-packers do provide the full package. Meeting all of the above services, with passion and expertise. But other factors like location or the actual packaging job, may demand specialist providers. Specialist packing techniques or procedures will actually help you find such your best co-packing company. Include the terms in your search.

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