Product and packaging labelling is nothing new. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution labels have been an important fixture on all types of products.

Labelling is important. Not just for branding or marketing purposes. Product information such as origin, use, shelf-life and disposal are important considerations. Least of all in the food packaging industry. Some labels may be subject to international agreed standards. Since 1974, the barcode and Universal Product Code (UPC) is omnipresent. Labels are vital.

Our labelling services are an integral part of our contract packing solutions. We are happy to provide any labelling that your product requires. Labels for tins, bottles, sachets, boxes, bags and anything else. 24-7 Steller Packing can label your product according to different brand, text, and barcodes.

Working towards your requirements

Relabelling and over labelling

We are the people to turn to for all your relabelling or over labelling needs. We can help rectify printing errors, assist in rebranding or create new barcodes.

Precision labelling services

To support a promotion or campaign or to change the appearance of your product, you need precision labelling.

Our skilled labelling team can meet all your precision labelling requirements.

Label design

Our label design team can get creative with your label development. On site printing means we can adapt to each individual need. We don’t need to hold large stocks of materials. Our flexibility allows us to meet mid-production updates and specification changes.

Experienced and effective product labels, designed especially for you. We can work from your own designs or originate designs for you.

Your labelling requirements

We are happy to help you with your labelling, relabelling and over labelling requirements. Our skilled design team are ready and waiting. Our co-packing team are always ready to apply labels; no matter the product.

Call us today and find out how we can help with your labelling.

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