Our Quality Inspection and Remedial /  Rework Service

Quality inspections and reworking is required when any amount of stock has been damaged or compromised in some way, making it undesirable for sale. By fixing the problem, products can be sold as originally intended, however the process requires a highly skilled and experienced team to ensure the product is reworked correctly. 24-7 Steller Packing has years of experience and a large team of experts who can turn the fortunes of your stock from unsellable to sale ready in a small amount of time.

At 24-7 Steller Packing our flexibility and contract packing expertise allows us to solve problems when things have gone wrong elsewhere. We can further help by ensuring no further time is wasted because we understand that speed is of the essence and with our stringent quality checks you can be sure that your goods will not need to be reworked again.

Urgent Rework: 24-7 Steller Packing can provide quick and easy solutions to any issue or problem you may be experiencing with your stock.  Our clients take advantage of our specialist rework team who possess experience and an eye for detail. Our warehouse facilities are able to deal with many different issues including; 

  • Quality Inspections
  • Manufacturing faults
  • Unfinished products
  • Incorrect labelling.

De-Branding / Rebranding: Our fast de-branding and rebranding service is available to all our clients and at short notice. Our service can easily be adapted for both new products as well as products that are unfinished. We are experts in the removal of existing labels i.e. removal of swing tags, print labels, logos etc. and we can replace them with the branding of your choice.

Repackaging: Whether the task involves large quantities or small pallets, our services include;

  • Replacing damaged item(s)
  • Re-boxing, re-bagging or re-packaging
  • Disassembly and reassembly

Quality Checking: Our inspection team uses different methods to ensure we meet all the quality check standards expected by our clients. We conduct our work with inspection standards which are pre-agreed by you and all quality checks are documented in accordance to your requirements.

Speed: We offer fast and efficient reworking service using experienced staff who are hard working and diligent. This helps us react quickly to your requirements and within a short timeframe. From relabelling to repacking, we are on hands on and aim to get your remedial work resolved fast.

Here is a list of the types reworking we have carried out in the past;

  • Security tagging
  • New price point application
  • Leaflet and carton changes
  • Barcoding
  • Promotional & shelf-ready packaging
  • Point of sale display assembly
  • Cleaning

There are a host of different tasks we have worked on recently in order to have our clients’ products sale ready including;

  • Rearranging gift sets that have become disordered during transit
  • Meeting Brexit regulatory labelling requirements
  • New barcode application due to error with the existing barcode
  • Receiving stock from multiple locations for repacking and readying for transit

Learn more about our QC Inspection & Remedial Work

If you are looking for an expert in remedial work then look no further than 24-7 Steller Packing. We provide a fast, cost-effective, stress-free and friendly service.

For new business enquiries (or to request a call back), please use one of the following options. Thank you.

Tel: 01892 837847

Email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk

Web: www.stellerpacking.co.uk

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