A common problem many e-commerce retailers face is the need to outsource the packing, storage and warehousing of sale ready products. That is where 24-7 Steller Packing comes in with 3000 racking spaces, 50000 square feet of workspace and 7 customisable packing rooms.

Our dedicated warehouse facilities and experienced staff are available for your contract packing requirements – even in short notice. 

24-7 Steller Packing employs a dedicated team of e-commerce fulfilment experts which allows us to offer your business a fully bespoke pick and pack order fulfilment service.

Our services range from traditional order fulfilment to specialist packaging and remedial work. We tailor our solutions to your business’s needs so you can sell your products with confidence and with maximum profitability by ensuring your products are correctly selected and packed, ready to reach your customers not only on-time but also in pristine condition.

How does 24-7 Steller Packing conduct its picking and packing service?

  • Our clients choose if their requirement is to be carried out on a continuous or a predetermined number basis.
  • Orders are planned for optimum picking by our experienced management team to help reduce your cost and time.
  • Product orders are ‘picked’ and ‘packed’ by our experienced and well trained team
  • Products are ‘picked’ from the warehouse areas and packed into the appropriate packaging.
  • The pick and pack process is completed when the package is labelled for domestic or international requirements (if applicable).

What are our other contract packing services?

The perception of your brand can help your business create key selling advantages in a very crowded marketplace. 24-7 Steller Packing understands this and works to consistently meet your requirements by personalising your packing demands and exceed your business expectations. Here are some of our other packing services;

How can we help you reach your environmentally friendly goals?

In order to reduce wastage, we offer a number of different solutions to help with packaging waste which are aligned to both your brand and environmental credentials.

To find out more about our Pick and Pack fulfilment service, please get in touch with us. For new business enquiries (or to request a call back), please use one of the following options. Thank you.

Tel: 01892 837847

Email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk

Web: www.stellerpacking.co.uk

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