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Shrink sleeves, also known as shrink sleeve plastic labels, are designed to suit standard and non-standard shaped products. They are preferred by businesses who manufacture products which face humidity or moisture obstacles. 24-7 Steller Packing can apply a range of labels from full body coverage labels to seasonal branding and promotional design to ready your stock for sale.

The 24-7 Steller Packing shrink sleeving system includes the ability to apply tamper-evident sleeves with a wide range of branding options to meet all your requirements. Sleeving offers a 360 degree surround pre-printed plastic film to any product and without messy adhesives.

For Bottle Sleeving,  24-7 Steller Packing can sleeve all shapes & sizes of bottles with ease and precision. Our warehouse can accommodate all materials including glass, plastic and steel. Some of our regular clients use our service to shrink sleeve items such as champagne bottles, soft drinks and water.

Decorative shrink sleeves are an excellent solution for smaller canning runs, where printed cans usually carry a minimum order of 100k cans – or maybe for if you are trying a new range of products to test the market.

Sleeving drink cans can provide a premium effect that is rich in color and more uplifting for branding and promotional objectives. We can accommodate small and large orders with a fast turnaround and quality customer service. 24-7 Steller Packing can also provide a Jar Sleeving service which is often popular for multi-product items such as hampers.


Why do we work with Breweries and Beverage Companies?

So many companies in the UK are fighting to get their cans and bottles noticed by consumers in pubs, off licences and supermarkets in a fiercely competitive market. We provide all our clients with the ability to showcase their products by applying distinctive and highly accurate sleeving so their products can stand out from the crowd.

Our shrink sleeving machine service can not only improve the presentation and security of your products, but also keep them in pristine condition before going to market. We can apply almost any type of heat-shrink sleeve and our management team can advise on any questions you may have.

We have a number of l-sealing and heat shrinking machines which can be operated as manual or semi-automatic. We are well equipped to handle all your sealing, wrapping and sleeving needs and all our packaging services add great value to our clients contract packing requirements.

For new business enquiries (or to request a call back), please use one of the following options. Thank you.

Tel: 01892 837847

Email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk

Web: www.stellerpacking.co.uk

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