130 packs per minute

With an output capability of up to 130 packs per minute, the purchase of a BVM Compacta 7522 trim and shrink sealing machine was too good of an opportunity to turn down and has since revolutionised the way 24-7 Steller Packing process high quantity shrink wrap jobs.

Shrink wrapping is a method of enclosing your product(s) within film which is loosely applied, sealed at the edge and then heat-shrunk to fit the form of the product within. Alternatively, a printed or clear sleeve made of shrinkable plastic can be applied to the same affect (shrink-sleeving / decorative sleeving). Shrink wrap is a way to protect the product within from damage (moisture / dirt) and also acts as a tamper evident security barrier. The use of this versatile method of packing is diverse, including:

Large quantity (with short turnaround)

  • Audio Visual Markets / Technology – e.g. DVDs / CDs / Mobile Phones
  • Cosmetics / Personal Care – e.g. soap / sponges / gift sets / tamper evidence
  • Food – e.g. pizzas / vegetables / boxes of chocolate / drinks (sleeved bottles)
  • Pet / Agricultural – e.g. pet foods / animal toys / bird feeders
  • Retail – e.g. multipack offers / bundling products together for promotion
  • Publishing – e.g. calendars / books

We initially purchased the machine from Adpak Machinery to use for a large quantity (with short turnaround) opportunity to shrink wrap advent calendars, however since then we have found the machine an invaluable addition to our machines – processing books, magazines, blue-roll and many other large volume products at high speed with an excellent finish.

Manufactured by BVM Brunner GmbH (est. 1985) a German privately owned company that specialises in the design and build of packaging machines; the BVM Compacta gives us a fully automatic shrink-wrapping solution. Its inline product flow, controlled by a sensor-regulated wrapping cycle, allows us to operate the machine with either manual or automatic product feeding.  BVM Brunner use state-of-the-art electronic and laser technology to assist the modular design and build of their packaging machines. We like to think it is the “Rolls Royce” of shrink wrapping technology.

The BVM Compacta and its accompanying BVM SC6030SD shrink tunnel boasts a constant-temperature sealing and heating system, capable of processing all industry standard films; from Polyethylene to Polyolefin to PVC.  The heat tunnel has a wire-mesh conveyor served by heat-resistant plastic conveyor and rods coated with heat resistant silicone rubber. Joining this with an insulated heat chamber, we can control the air flow inside the machine to ensure that an even shrink is achieved on all sides of each pack.

The results are consistent every time. Product changeovers do not require the turning of hand wheels or adjustments of product guides, therefore our production downtime is eliminated due to quicker changeover times – increasing our operational reliability and in turn, our return on investment. For our customers, this means that 24-7 Steller Packing can offer high-quality shrink wrapping at a lower price with short lead-times. Everyone wins.

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