New Floor-standing chamber sealer

We are pleased to announce that we have added another shrink-wrap machine to our collection with the purchase of a floor-standing chamber sealer. The machine is operated using a digital control panel and  will process up to 500 packs per hour. By looking through the clear shrink hood, we can maintain precision control over the product being processed within… adjusting the heat or processing time where necessary – a function particularly useful when applying heat-shrink sleeves to products.

Looking to the future

The new machine offers us the flexibility to choose both PVC and polyolefin wraps and, if needed, can be used without film whilst using shrink-sleeves. The machine will also accommodate many different sizes of product due to the adjustable film rack and adjustable packing table. As the machine is single-person operable, this really helps us to drive down the cost per unit for our customers.

24-7 Steller Packing now has three l-sealing and heat shrinking machines – manual and semi-automatic, tunnel and chamber – making us well equipped for your sealing, wrapping and sleeving needs! Learn more about our shrink wrapping services.

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