Growing your brand is tough

Capital and time are not infinite, so for many businesses it makes good business sense to use a contract packer. But when is a co-packer good for business?

Good for business?

Investing in a packing plant is expensive. Running one can be a huge distraction. The time spent dealing with issues, staffing, logistics, supply and certification make setting up your own plant a daunting prospect.

Looking to the future

What focus will you lose on your brand/business by packing in-house? Can you really afford to do that?

If you’re developing your business to sell in the future. Investing in manufacturing facilities will not normally add value. Any potential buyers, larger companies who might buy your business probably have co-packing capabilities in place. Your investment in these facilities may become redundant.

You’re better off using a contract packer and focusing your efforts on branding and marketing.

A Good Contract Packer…

A good co-packer will make you feel comfortable with them packing your product. They will be of a size that can accommodate your business needs and allow for growth. A good co-packer will allow you to focus on marketing and selling your product.

Knowledge is king. Your business will benefit from the experience a co-packer brings; a co-packer who knows your type of product, an expert in your form of packaging.

They will know the relevant rules and regulations for your type of product. They will make sure their process meets these requirements.

A good co-packer will offer confidentiality to your brand. This will be a major comfort to many businesses. To some it will be essential.

Hiring a Co-Packer

Hiring a good co-packer is a winning strategy for many businesses. Allowing them to accurately predict costs and reduce investments, which allows the business owner to concentrate on growing their business. To focus on what they do best.

If you are considering working with a co-packer, why not contact 24-7 Steller Packing? We are certificated to ISO22000 level (a food-safety quality management system) and hold BRC accreditation (Storage & Distribution – including the contract packing and storage of ambient-stable food products and consumer products)

24-7 Steller Packing is a contract packing company with over twenty years of experience. Located in Kent we are ideally located for all your UK and Europe co-packing needs.

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